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Software Problems

If the computer does not work properly, we usually think of a problem with the hardware, the computer itself, which probably does not work properly. 90% of the mistakes are not due to the hardware, but to problems with the software, which can be felt in many different ways.

Often it is also the user himself who does not get the desired results through incorrect entries. If e.g. If the e-mail program does not send an e-mail or an error message appears that the e-mail has not arrived at the recipient, it is unlikely that the computer has a defect. Maybe just the e-mail address has been entered incorrectly or a setting in the program regarding the SMTP server is not set correctly.

Software problems are more likely than hardware problems

But even if everything is configured and set up properly, it can always come back to problems that are actually unexplainable. In that case it could e.g. An update of the program or operating system used may have resulted in an error in the current version, if it has previously worked.

For a user, it is almost impossible to know what exactly causes an error, as the user usually does not pay attention to whether an update has come a few days ago or if something has changed in the settings.

If you have such problems with any software that you do not know, I’ll be happy to help!

Installation and configuration of software programs of any kind

Explanation of how software applications work, such as e-mail client, backup software, office applications, etc.

Installation of updates for software and drivers

Troubleshooting software problems such as wrong settings, old versions, conflicts with other software, etc.

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