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From old to new!It is not always necessary to buy a new computer when the old one is not as fast and responsive as it were used to in the beginning. Ask me what options there are for your computer.


Information technology is undergoing rapid change, more and more functions are being charged to the user, and the familiar structures with which one is used to dealing are changing faster and faster. A computer, when fabricated, has only a certain amount of power and a limited ability to store data. After a few years we realize that the really expensive computer is not working as well with the new programs as it was at the beginning. That can have different reasons. Maybe he is burdened with too much information because he was not “tidied up” and kept “clean”.

Computers do not have unlimited power and become obsolete in a few years

But most of the time it is the limited power that a device has and now comes to its limits, when the latest operating system update again brings tons of often useless functions with it. Often one can remedy this by replacing one or two components of the hardware, such as the memory (more RAM) or just exchange the conventional hard drive for an SSD. Depending on the application, this can literally bring the computer back to life, saving you several hundred euros to invest in a new computer.

Gladly I look at your computer or laptop once and can suggest to you which possibilities there are.

Exchange your HDD for a SSD!

The highest noticeable results for gaining speed on an old Computer is to exchange the old Hard Disc Drive for a Solid State Disc. You Computer will start in less than the half time than before, your programs and games will load much faster than before. Your laptop battery  might last longer, because the SSD consumes less energy than a conventional  HDD.

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