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Netzwerke für Home und OfficeNetzwerke dienen der schnellen und einfachen Kommunikation verschiedener Teilnehmer untereinander


Nowadays most people are connected to the Internet at home over a broadband connection (ADSL, LTE, fiber). Often you already have a router at home, with which all participants in the house connect and at the same time are online. What many people do not know is that all devices that are connected to each other via this network can also communicate with each other and thus exchange data.

A Network connection between several Computers can make communication easier

If you often want to copy a file from your computer, smartphone or tablet to another device at home, you usually use a USB stick or an external hard drive. If there is not one available currently, you just try to send it to the e-mail address, which works for smaller files. But to always make larger files available or to share them with the whole family, there are also other options such as a NAS, a hard disk that is embedded in the network and can be accessed by all members.

If several people often have to print something at home, it is usually worth having a single printer with network functionality.  Anyone at home can easily print over the network without having to go to a specific computer or connect a cable from the printer.

It is also possible with such a network to use different IP cameras for (remote) monitoring and to be able to access the livestream from virtually anywhere.

Meanwhile it is even possible on the computer, smartphone or tablet not only to turn an and off single or multiple lights in the house or to change the color of the light, there is even the possibility to turn on and off devices directly, with just on button press and much more. That is called Smart-Home and cane be installed even for a small budget!

Of course these are just a few functions. There are almost no limits for network connections!

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